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Business Tax Return

Here’s how it works:

I can work with your online accounting system (Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks) or I can work directly with your Profit and Loss statement and Balance Sheet.

I’ll give you a quote (it starts $330 year – depending on the complexity)

I’ll prepare the tax return and send to you for electronic signature

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Individual Tax Return

Here’s how it works:

Send me the income statement and tax deduction information

I’ll give you a quote (it starts $150 year – depending on the complexity)

I’ll prepare the tax return and send to you for electronic signature

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Late Tax Returns

I work with ATO on your behalf to solve the problem and where possible, help you get your fines waived. I’ve successfully applied for remission of dozens of fines and penalties issued for late tax returns.
You will never have to speak directly with the ATO, I’ll speak for you.

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Typically, I’ll pick up documents monthly and enter transactions to your accounting program (Xero, MYOB, QBO)

I’ll prepare monthly Profit and Loss and provide brief feedback of the operating result.

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Here’s how it works:

I’ll pick up documents and bank statements.

I’ll record transactions and perform bank reconciliations.

Then, I’ll prepare the BAS/IAS and send to you for electronic signature then lodge with ATO.

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I’ll set up SMSF and take care of its bookkeeping.

I’ll be in liaison with SMSF auditor.

Typically, I’ll use BGL software.

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CFO Services

Comprehensive services including but not limited to:

Preparation and lodgment of BAS/IAS and Tax Return.

General Bookkeeping Services including payroll and Superannuation.

Monthly management reporting for clear and actionable advice.

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I am available for short-term projects such as accounting roles during business transition, internal control development project, auditing staff, etc. You can get in touch with me here.

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If You Have Any Question,
Feel Free to Call 0468-424-722

Contact me to arrange a free consultation